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Welcome to Sector 43

Information, Services and Software to help you make the most of SharePoint & Office 365


People Are Talking About Us…

I really enjoy the way topics are explained and discussed. All the examples are truly well designed and can be referred to for real world scenarios.

Kara Warner

This course is one of my favourites to be honest. After working with SharePoint for the last 3 years, this is the first time I really see the nuts and bolts of how JavaScript is used in SharePoint and what the best practices are


Hassan Hassanzadeh


At Sector43 Software, we make SharePoint and Office 365 work better. From training and information products for implementers and administrators to software products for end users, we cover all of the bases.

We are a boutique software company located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’ve been helping clients get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365 since, well, before they each even existed.

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The Wizards Behind the Curtain…

Sun Ahn

Sun Ahn

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Sudeep Bhakta

Sudeep Bhakta

Developer Extraordinaire

Lil Makatche

Marketing Director

David Mann

David Mann

Founder and President of Sector43


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